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Our Mission

Save Lives

We have stories from participants that rescued themselves, a colleague, or a family member with newfound skills gained in just a single day of our course.

Create Heroes

We firmly believe that the hero resides within each of us. Our courses are designed to awaken the innate desire and willingness in people to extend a helping hand.

How do we achieve this?

We save lives and create heroes trough our experiential courses 

Realistic Simulations

With us you can practice what you learned in truly realistic simulations. Get ready for what awaits you out there!


Our courses are always tailored to our clients in order to offer solutions specific to their unique circumstances.

Constant Development

Our system is in constant development to keep every technique up to date.

Mnemonic Aids

The Mnemonic aids facilitate easy memorization of the procedures and enable quick learning and effortless transfer to practice.

Professional Self-Defence

Advanced-level self defense course for police officers

About our self-defence course

  • For Professionals
    Even though Sorudo offers many courses for the public, we are also an expert in teaching police, and military professionals.
  • Complex Training
    We don't only focus on the physical aspect of self-defence, we also teach you improvisation, recognition, prevention, legal background, and everything that is related to a situation.
  • Universal Techniques
    Our instruction emphasizes a select set of techniques applicable to a wide range of situations, enhancing the likelihood of a correct response in the heat of the moment.
  • Years of Experience
    We have been training the police, military, and members of special forces for over 20 years.

Gentle Restriction

How to handle restriction, and self-defence while not hurting the prospects

About the gentle restriction course

  • Gentle For Everyone
    Our courses are focused on providing a gentle way of physical intervention in a way to keep you and the prospect safe.
  • Adjutsable for different levels of resistance
    Practice working with prospects and adjusting to varying intensities of passive and active resistance.
  • Various Course Topics
    Beside teaching gentle restriction as a separate topic, we can also include handcuffing, and arresting trainings.

Advanced First Aid

Specialized first aid and military medicine

About our first-aid courses

  • Train by experience
    In our courses, you'll spend only a few minutes sitting; the majority of the time will be devoted to engaging exercises and model simulations.
  • Medical Training
    From TCCC and TECC operator to Combat Medic level.
  • Specialized First Aid
    We offer a wide range of specialized topics in our first aid courses. (For example: K9 / Children / Pregnant women, etc.).
  • Training That Works
    We've amassed many success stories from our clients who credit our training for enabling them to save lives.

Weapon Handling & Shooting

Learn how to handle various weapons and how to shoot in different situations

About our weapon handling and shooting trainings

  • Weapon Training
    We will teach you how to use not only firearms but many other weapons as well. For example: teaser, telescopic batons, pistols, etc.
  • Shooting Training
    Combat shooting, CQB training
  • Complex Preparation, and Model Simulation
    We carefully prepare your courses based on your unique circumstances. We also include realistic shooting simulations in our shooting courses to prepare you with true experience.

VIP Protection

Protecting people on an advanced level

About our VIP protection courses

  • Strategic planning
    We teach you how to plan strategically so there will be no surprises awaiting you when protecting someone.
  • Teamwork
    Teamwork is key! We teach you how to work individually as well as in a team!
  • Complex Preparation and Model Simulation
    We carefully prepare your courses based on your unique circumstances. We also include realistic simulations to prepare you with true experience.

How does a simulation look like?

Advanced simulations that allow you to gain real-life experience

An example

You have completed our training; now, it's time to apply everything in complex model simulations.

The scenario begins like an ordinary patrol. You encounter a drunk individual damaging a car nearby. Suddenly, the situation escalates when he pulls out a knife. You swiftly draw your telescopic baton and defuse the situation. However, a group of other individuals starts to form a crowd around you, adding to the complexity.

The simulation tests your ability to navigate through this crisis. Can you manage to de-escalate the situation without resorting to firearms? How will you respond if your colleague gets shot?

This exercise unfolds at full speed, encompassing moments of surprise where participants can't predict what will happen next. It's a test of your reflexes, decision-making skills, and application of training in real-time scenarios, all while using training weapons and ammunition for safety.

The Benefits 

of our courses

  • Higher satisfaction of employees
  • Safety in the everyday work
  • Increased confidence of workers
  • Better reputation of the institution/department
  • Correct response to verbal and physical attacks
  • More effective task completion
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Save money by avoiding lawsuits and other undesired expenses due to accidents that could be prevented with the right knowledge and practice

Flexibility of the courses


We prefer in-person classes where staff members can practice under our supervision. It can be anywhere and where it is most suitable for your team.

Delivery time

We are flexible with the delivery time of our courses. We can teach your teem over weekdays, over the weekend, in the evening or whenever it is suitable for you.

Instructor Team

A maximum of 1 in 500 candidates will pass our selection and training process to become an instructor. We place emphasis not only on professional knowledge, but also on excellent teaching skills and lecturing talent.


Professional firefighter


Paramedic and first responder


Professional instructor


Police instructor

And more ...

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Just give us a call and we'll create courses like you've never experienced before. For clients who fill out a course request through the website, we provide a 50% discount on the first purchase.

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