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Become an instructor of a unique first aid training system SORUDO in your country!  We have 24 years of experience worldwide, saving lives and awakening inner heroes sleeping inside every single one of us. Now you can spread this system together with us.

SORUDO is based on real life experience, statistics, research and constant testing. We teach people how to save lives in the most critical situations. From companies to kids in elementary schools. Our first aid training simply works for everyone.

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We organise non-accredited/non-certified first aid training. Our main goal is to make the training as close to reality as possible, and thus give people the courage to step out of line in a critical situation and save lives. At the same time, this builds the participants' confidence in their own abilities.

Experience and simulations
Theory and sitting
Practice and training

What is important to us:

Most of our courses focus on practical training and model simulations that allow participants to make mistakes and learn from them. The training focuses not only on the medical side of things, but also on prevention, technical first aid and security of the whole situation. Which is a more common stumbling block than first aid per se. It is almost never "just CPR" and nothing else. 

Car Crash First Aid

One of the most common critical situations that every driver should know how to deal with. Whether it's your own accident, hitting a pedestrian, or even if you're going to intervene as a bystander.

First Aid for Social Services

Imagine you are a streetworker, a probation officer, or a child welfare worker who goes to visit the home of your clients. You might encounter various situations.

Terorist or Knife Attack

Knife attacks are on the rise in the UK today. Where not only stopping the massive bleeding will need to be managed, but tactics will be the key.

Take a look into our courses:

Our biggest background is in combat medicine, which is the source of our whole approach to teaching and training first aid. We believe our training will benefit most groups who have a basic understanding of first aid but have never used it practically, under stress and in model simulations.

Of course, other critical situations that people may experience are also related to first aid training.... 

And some older videos, please forgive us the quality:

We make a big difference in the content of the courses according to the individual target groups. You can find over a dozen different first aid courses in our portfolio. 

We should also mention:

Modern training equipment

You will find mainly QCPR mannequins, different variants of training AEDs, and many materials of our own production.

We are constantly modernizing procedures

We update the methodology several times a year to emphasize new possibilities, technologies and procedures.

Science informed / based:

We constantly follow the most modern procedures such as those of conventional authorities (ERC) and the ones of the latest research procedures from field (TCCC/TECC)
Possibilities of cooperation

At the moment we are mostly seeking for contractors, but there are many paths you can follow. 

  • Contractor
    You will be trained to teach specific topics / seminars / target groups. We then hire you as a trainer for courses that match your qualifications / interest. In this model, you are not employed, you give us an invoice for every seminar you teach. We are responsible for sales and coordination, you will just teach a seminar.
  • Employee
    You will go through extensive training, gradually becoming a very versatile lecturer who can teach many different topics. After working a few months as Contractor, we can give you an employee contract. But first we need to see you in action as contractor.
  • Net remuneration: 250 - 300 GBP / 1 day (8 hours) course
  • Mandatory FIRST AID training for you
    You have to go through our training to know exactly what we do and how we do it.

You will need to pass an online talent exam before being accepted into instructor training to save time and money for all parties.
After this exam, we will let you know how much time we estimate you will need to spend training to become an instructor.

So what are you waiting for?

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