SAVE CHILDREN as a Superhero Instructor

Instructor for Kids in the UK

Become a lecturer of our unique, reality-based self-defense system , which has been saving lives and awakening heroism for the past 24 years. Get a job that you can enjoy and be proud of and become our instructor in your region.
We are looking for tutors for children, schools, kindergartens and youth in general.

The types of courses you'll teach:

  • Anti-bullying program in Schools
  • Prevention and safety for young girls
  • Conflict resolution and self-defense for children
  • First Aid for Children


  • The onboarding training is FREE for you
  • You only need to focus on delivering the courses
  • Compensation: GBP 100-300/day
  • You don't have to be an experienced fighter, but at least doing sports actively (all our classes involve physical motion)
  • You don't have to be an expert, but need to be enthusiastic for the topic and have lecturing skills
Monthly courses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
School regularly takes courses from us
Children have already passed our courses
Lives have already been saved through our courses
of making heroes and saving lives

Opportunities for cooperation:

  • Full - time = you train 3-4 courses weekly in your region
    You make a living doing what you enjoy, helping our clients to be safer.
  • Part - time = you train 1-2 courses weekly in your region
    Do you have a job but a lot of free time between shifts? Use it wisely and save lives with us!
  • Hobby - job = you train 1-4 courses monthly in your region
    Are you looking for a fulfilling activity that you can do besides any job? Teaching with us could be just that!

How to become an instructor? → We will teach you!

  • Apply Now
    When you click on the "Apply" button, you will fill in information about yourself in the questionnaire. Experience with teaching, but also with self-defense and other topics related to your personality and SORUDO courses.
  • We will get in touch with you
    If you impress us in the questionnaire, we will get in touch with you to talk or possible cooperation
  • We'll test you (and you'll test us)
    We need to show you the system of SORUDO and you need to show us your teaching skills. We usually do this in the form of online training or a live seminar.
  • Listen and learn
    You will go to an experienced instructor for a listening session to see what a courses really looks like.
  • We'll teach you
    You'll receive a training on your chosen topic, and we'll provide you with the methodology and self-study materials.
  • Supervised training
    You'll teach your first course under the supervision of an experienced tutor so we can be sure of your qualities and preparation.
  • You become an independent lecturer
    If the supervised training goes smoothly and you feel ready to go, you will be a certified tutor. All that's left to do is onboarding: get your equipment, contracts, etc.

Most importantly, this is an opportunity to get a job you'll be proud of. You have the chance to play your part in saving lives, protecting the weak and making a valuable difference in the society.

What the cooperation looks like:

  • We arrange the courses, you "only" teach
    Our trainers only get courses in the areas which they are trained and qualified for
  • You get the equipment
    We provide everything that you need for the courses, including the space (courses are usually held on the client's premises)
  • It's not just about the technique
    We will teach you how to deliver the courses, put together each lesson methodically correctly, realistically and safely so that the courses and clubs are fun and beneficial for everyone
  • Flexible schedule
    It doesn't matter if you want to train SORUDO more as a hobby, maybe just once a week, teach self-defense as your profession
  • Extra rewards
    You will get paid as a professional, not as an unqualified trainer who has it as a hobby
  • FREE training
    If you work with us full-time, we will provide you with GBP 5000 worth of training completely FREE of charge.

Looking for instructors across the whole UK

Proč nabíráme lektory: 

Máme kurzy po celé republice, ročně uděláme téměř 1.000 kurzů a objedeme více než 250 různých měst a obcí. Školy a šikana jsou všude, náš cíl je mít lektora v každém regionu, aby byli kurzy i trénink časově i finančně dostupné pro co nejvíce klientů. 

Pomáhejte s námi proti šikaně: 

What are you waiting for?

It's non-obligatory | Check your emails regularly after applying

Interviews with our lecturers:

Daniel (Israel) 

Learn more about SORUDO today

The videos don't tell you everything, but they can give you a taste of our approach and our point of view on topics we consider important. If you happen to disagree with something, great, maybe it will help us take our training to the next level!


50% discount on all courses for registered teachers!
If you would like to try the training today, you are welcome to do so. We know it's not perfect online, but if you have a sparring partner, you can get a lot of practice in pairs.