Become the first INSTRUCTOR of SORUDO in your country

Become an instructor of a unique self-defence system SORUDO in your country!  We have 24 years of experience worldwide, saving lives and awakening inner heroes sleeping inside every single one of us. Now you can spread this system together with us.

SORUDO is based on real life experience, statistics, research and constant testing. We’ll teach you how to get ready to defend yourself and your loved ones in the most critical situations. From members of special forces to people in wheelchairs. SORUDO simply works for everyone.

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SORUDO has been making heroes and saving lives for 24+ years

Where you can already find SORUDO:

We are looking for warriors

If you've been looking for more realistic self-defence training your whole life, you've just found your tribe!

We are constantly and tirelessly looking for new elite instructors. Carefully selected and trained warriors who will lead seminars, open new clubs, train and create heroes in their region on our behalf! Warriors who will help us protect those who need it! 

We are looking for people with a desire to learn something new, committed to the training, with a desire to grow into professional instructors and lecturers who will represent us in your country.

Only suitable for martial artists/fighters with 10+ years worth of experience of martial arts / combat sports / self defence who continue in active training. 

What we mean when we say "Reality Based Self-Defence":

Real self-defence to us means training as close as possible to what a real situation will look like. Accepting that the opponent will usually be bigger, stronger, or more armed than you are, will have a knife, or there will be more of them. And we have to adapt all our training to that!

Unlike traditional self-defence systems, we constantly try to question all techniques, procedures and training methods (often including our own, because we believe it is the only way to grow). We try to minimize bullshit techniques and ineffective training methods.

We try to get as close to reality as possible, which in many situations leads to the realization that it's hard to solve the situation with your bare hands. So we don't just train hand-to-hand, but also the use of weapons and self-defence.

Is the SORUDO system right for you?

Emphasis on reality, simple-to-learn techniques, practice at full speed and in a realistic environment. Comprehensive handling of critical situations from tactics and prevention, trough effective combat, to first aid and legal consequences. All this is SORUDO. One of the few systems that continues to improve and evolve. We draw on new global trends, research, statistics and our own testing.

How to become a SORUDO Instructor

We are looking for warriors who want to get unique training and become part of our lecturing team, open a club/clubs, organize seminars and help us spread SORUDO in their region. To train men, women and children and pass on much more than just technique.

Experience in martial arts / combat sports / self-defence is a must, however even more important than years of experience to us is that you are still active and constantly working on yourself.

After applying, you will go through a selection process in which we will assess your current skills / fitness / ability to learn and you will get feedback from us on how much time in training will be needed to grow into a lecturer / instructor position.

How does the training of trainers work:

  • Camps in Czech Republic with Founder and Chief Instructor of SORUDO Petr Moučka
    Every few months there is camp for new instructors in Czech republic. You have to spend 10-14 days to return home as a greater warrior.
  • Local camp in your country lead by a member of our Head Instructor team
    Once a year there will be a camp in your country. If you are not super ambitious and you prefer comfort.
  • Long-distance learning
    If you absolutely cannot spend 10-14 days at SORUDO camp, you can do it instead in the form of extended weekends. Every month you can spend 3 days on the training.
  • Individual program
    If you are so great candidate we haven't even dreamed of, we can come up with a personalized program for you. (Until now we did it only once.)
  • Regular training (to stay in shape after the camp)
    We also organize Online trainings for our instructor team regularly 1-2 times a week. You practice with the sparring partner and your training is under the supervision of the Chief Instructor remotely trough Zoom.
Possibilities of cooperation

At the moment we are mostly seeking for contractors, but there are many paths you can follow. 

  • Contractor (FREE training)
    You will be trained to teach specific topics / seminars / target groups. We then hire you as a trainer for courses that match your qualifications / interest. In this model, you are not employed, you give us an invoice for every seminar you teach. We are responsible for sales and coordination, you will just teach a seminar.
  • Employee (FREE Training)
    You will go through extensive training, gradually becoming a very versatile lecturer who can teach many different topics. After working a few months as Contractor, we can give you an employee contract. But first we need to see you in action as contractor.
  • Club Owner (Self-Employed)
    You have to pay for the training camp and licence. But then you can open a club in your region on your own and have all the income from it. We will give you marketing support and everything you will need to lead the club successfully.
  • Franchise (Business owner)
    If you're really serious about it, and you don't want to be self employed trainer, but you want to build the whole gym with multiple instructors, this is a wise choise for you. You get our support with marketing, filling clubs, organizing seminars.
  • Participant / Student
    It is also fine if you only want to go through the instructor course as a participant and then decide which model of cooperation you choose.

You will need to pass an online talent exam before being accepted into instructor training to save time and money for all parties.
After this exam, we will let you know how much time we estimate you will need to spend training to become an instructor.

Who will teach you:

Petr "Grandmaster" Moučka

Chief Instructor
Founder of SORUDO Reality based self defence system. 24 years of teaching and developing SORUDO and 34 years of previous experiences with other systems.


Head Instructor for Africa
Profesional Muay Thai instructor and country champion. Owner of security agency. First Head SORUDO instructor in Africa, also leading seminars in India, UK and Canada.


Head Instructor for Balcan and Eastern Europe
Former profesional MMA Fighter, invited in UFC, more than 100 professional fights. Currently instructor of MMA, wrestling, BJJ, Boxing and one of the most though SORUDO instructors.


Country Instructor in Czech republic and Head Instructor for Central Europe
Special unit police officer, multiple national champion in BJJ and Wrestling. Former K1 fighter. Shooting and TCCC Instructor and SORUDO Country Instructor.

Can you become the first INSTRUCTOR of SORUDO in your country?

We are for now searching only for few elite warriors, so don't hesitate to apply. 

Just click the button, fill out a simple questionnaire and we will get in touch with you within 2 days to discuss the next steps.

Check out the photos of the training:

Interviews with our Instructors:

Iliyan (the Netherlands) 

Daniel (Izrael) 

Shiva & Cleven (Kenya) 

Omar (Mexico)

Do you want to know more about SORUDO today? 

On youtube you can find Czech youtube channel with over 200 videos. (Don't forget to turn on the subtitles.) And also English youtube channel, with not so many videos at the moment. That is one of the reasons why we need English speaking Instructors.
There is also one translated online course on UDEMY portal you can check out. If you can not afford fee for online training, just apply and we will give you access for free.

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