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Experiential First Aid

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Our Mission

Save Lives

We have stories from participants that rescued themselves, a colleague, or a family member with newfound skills gained in just a single day of our course.

Create Heroes

We firmly believe that the hero resides within each of us. Our courses are designed to awaken the innate desire and willingness in people to extend a helping hand.

How do we achieve this?

We save lives and create heroes trough our experiential courses 

Realistic Simulations

It is not enough to know what to do, with us, the participants can also practice the solutions in specific simulations.


Our courses are always tailored to our clients in order to offer solutions specific to their unique circumstances.

Mnemonic Aids

The Mnemonic aids facilitate easy memorization of the procedures and enable quick learning and effortless transfer to practice.

Suitable For Everyone

SORUDO is more than just regular safety courses; it is a complex problem-solving system that can be acquired and used by anyone.

Life-Saving Training

Our FIRST AID is not the first aid you know, this is a LIFE SAVING TRAINING

First Aid Training

Professional first aid course based on experience

  • Train by experience
    In our courses, you'll spend only a few minutes sitting; the majority of the time will be devoted to engaging exercises and model simulations.
  • Training that works
    We've amassed over 80 success stories from our clients who credit our training for enabling them to save lives.
  • Experience leads to prevention
    Facing real challenges through simulations in the first aid training instills a heightened sense of caution in all participants, contributing to proactive prevention.
  • Unmached flexibility
    Choose any time, date, or number of participants. We always ensure 100% satisfaction.

Instructor Team

A maximum of 1 in 500 candidates will pass our selection and training process to become an instructor. We place emphasis not only on professional knowledge, but also on excellent teaching skills and lecturing talent.


Professional firefighter


Paramedic and first responder


Professional instructor


Police instructor

And more ...

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Just give us a call and we'll create courses like you've never experienced before. For clients who fill out a course request through the website, we provide a 50% discount on the first purchase.

Valid when submitting the form until 10.12.2023

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