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Our Mission:

Saving lives

We are most proud of the fact that our work saves lives. It's also the engine of our growth abroad so we can help around the world.

We protect the weak

We believe that the hero lies within each of us. We just need to bring it out in people and show them how to help anyone in need.

We open eyes:

The world of self-defense is full of lies and false promises. We hate bullshit and love to expose the truth and reality.
Open positions:

Sales Manager for Slovakia

We have a sales and lecturing team in Slovakia that manages a pace of around 15 courses per month. But it could grow to ten times that with the guidance of a capable manager.

Project Manager for Poland

We have tested our business model in Poland, there is interest in the courses but we need to complete the local business, expand the local team and successfully build a local office.

Marketer / Online marketer

Our online presence, video creation, social media and advertising has been stagnant for the last few years. We are looking for someone to help us get things moving.


We want to grow to over 150 countries around the world, wherever we can save lives.

We want to grow to all over the world so we can produce heroes and save lives wherever we need to.

This year we would like to open a branch in at least 10 countries. Other than that we aim to grow our UK branch.

Our results in the Czech Republic:

SORUDO has been operating as a company for 10 years now


83 lives saved

Every year we save more lives through our participants who are ready to help

38,900+ clients

The rising number of people who have participated in our trainings

99% satisfied clients

Most of our clients leave satisfied and return to us for additional courses.

Up to 100 candidates

The number of people applying for jobs at Sorudo every month - we only hire less than 1%.

700+ satisfied companies

We have hundreds of satisfied regular clients.

We keep growing

In the last year, the number of our delivered courses tripled in the Czecz Republic.

Who you'll be working with:

Petr Moučka

Founder / Managing Director
With me you will be dealing with your future, growth in the company, vision and project planning. If you are a trainer, you will deal with me on training and methodology.

Petr Cihelník

International Growth Manager
I set up our overseas offices, recruit salespeople and manage sales and overseas projects.

Tomáš Volár

Sales Team Manager
I am responsible for the sales team in the Czech Republic and its growth.


Course Coordinator
I am an organizer of everything, if you are looking for a course or you don't know how to do something, I can direct you.

Petr Křížek

Sales Representative
I started as a lecturer, later I got passionate about business.

Martin Žihlo

Web and online developer
I left college to help SORUDO grow into the world.

And others:

Members of the sales team
Active colleagues abroad
Other external collaborators

Come and give it a try! At the beginning, you will go through a selection process where we will test if you have what it takes.

So what are you waiting for?

Click on "Apply", fill in a short questionnaire and we'll get back to you.

We don't have the open position you're looking for?

If you didn't choose one of the positions but still want to save lives with us, drop us a line and maybe we can find a way.

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