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Critical Situation Resolution, Smart Self-Defence and Experiential First Aid

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Our Mission

Save Lives

We have stories of our course participants who have been able to save themselves, a colleague, or a family member after just a 1-day course.

Protect People

We believe that the hero is in all of us. Our work on the courses is only to awaken in people the desire and willingness to help.

Open Eyes

We only teach things that have been proven to work, showing that the solution can be easier than you thought.

About our courses:

On our courses we try to bring critical situation resolution to everyday people with no past experience, or even with the fear of the topic.

Courses for your workplace:

Conflict Resolution and Smart Self-Defense

In any workplace where conflicts may arise, the staff faces the threath of verbal or even physical assaults. From prevention to physical self-defense, we will teach you how to handle these conflicts in a comprehensive way, considering job profile and any legislative implications.

Gentle Self-Defense, Pacification and Curtation

We offer this course most often for medical facilities, schools or homes with special regime - wherever there is a risk of having to physically handle a situation, but also needing to be sure that neither a staff member or a patient/pupil/client gets hurt.

Experiental First Aid


We teach first aid differently, with minimal theory and the maximum emphasis on practice and model simulations. We bring you closer to reality so you will be able to stand your ground even in the most critical situations.

Anti-Bullying Programs


We can combine self-defense training with effective anti-bullying programs. We teach kids how to stand up for themselves and others. From preventative solutions, to verbal methods, to physical techniques if health or life is at stake.

Courses for Professionals


Professional courses for police officers, soldiers, firefighters, paramedics, as well as members of security agencies. We can provide comprehensive trainings, for any specific topic.

Experiential Assertiveness and Conflict Deescalation

You've certainly been taught to resolve conflict verbally. With us you can try it in model simulations, under stress and with immediate feedback whether you are managing the situation well or not.

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Our instructors:

Who will teach the courses you book?


Instructor of conflict resolution and self-defense
Tomasz started as a boxer and repeatedly won medals at the Polish Championships. For many years he was a boxing and fitness instructor. He is also a writer, lecturer of communication and business skills courses about which he has written several books published abroad.


Instructor of Gentle self-defence and first aid
Jarek is a professional coach, competitive MMA fighter, focused on fitness. He is also interested in health and first aid. He is a soul fighter and a great lecturer.


We are always looking for new trainers, salespeople, coordinators, project managers and managers for the United Kindom. We offer the opportunity to fulfill your dream and make a living by doing what you truly enjoy. It's an extraordinary job for extraordinary people. We require desire and commitment to change the world with us, as well as a strong drive to make a positive difference.


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